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Dissemination and communication

CityPoll will organize a series of events at regional and national scales.

The main objective of the publications, workshops and conferences is to assure project visibility, public activities, dissemination of the CityPoll research findings and to engage the relevant stakeholders.

CityPoll addresses the challenge to promote a toxic-free contribution from urban settlements to freshwater ecosystems, by understanding the running mechanisms, by deploying the most adequate solutions to mitigate this impact, and by disseminating potential solutions to stakeholders. The main impact of CityPoll is contributing to municipal, regional and national strategic approaches on urban water ecosystems, by better aligning science with management and policy demands. Complementing cutting edge natural science research, the project attends to human activities that contribute to runoff contamination. Particular attention is paid to domestic practices involving the use of water that directly impacts runoff quality.


CityPoll will organize a series of events at regional and national scales, and a CityPoll Final Conference. The conferences chosen for this purpose will not only be science-oriented, but also those including policy aspects and consequently with a strong participation of policy makers. We here will consider Public authorities such as Municipality governors, regional and national authorities of the two CityPoll case studies (Municipality of Riudellots and Cassà; Municipality of Donostia-San Sebastián); Policy and decision makers, including the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition, Catalan Water Agency (ACA), Basque Water Agency (URA), Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro, Municipality of Donostia-San Sebastián; Professional networks such as SETAC, IWA, EFFS, or AIL.


We foresee the production of high quality, inter collaborative peer-reviewed papers, as an immediate scientific outcome of CityPoll. We are proposing publication of research papers in high impact SCI journals, prioritizing quality over quantity. Open access (gold or green) will be granted to all scientific publications resulting from CityPoll. All project publications will be made available in an open repository compliant with the EU OpenAire platform (i.e. the institutional repositories of involved partners, as well as the repository of European Commission Zenodo ( Professional publications in the form of technical reports and booklets will also be produced to publicize the different protocols described in the CityPoll project. According to the high multidisciplinarity of the team we expect multiple datasets to be collected in an online database (repository) with as much metadata as possible. The main datasets will consist of chemical concentrations, ecological data, physical online data and geographic digitized data.


The experimental results obtained during the development of the project will be presented at national and international conferences and exhibitions, and, where possible, will be made available to an extended audience. Public reconnaissance can be measured by the appearance in mass media. CityPoll will cooperate with media departments at partner institutions to make news releases, including newspapers, radio and TV targeting non-scientific specialized readers. We will produce a TV documentary video of 20-40’, explaining the problem of urban runoff, the main chemical products it may contain, its main ecotoxicological and ecological risks, as well as the potential Nature Based Solutions, especially linked to buffer strips useful to minimize impacts on receiving urban rivers. In addition, CityPoll will create an account for social communication, allowing interactions with the public at Twitter and Instagram.

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