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Itxaso Martinez-Sanz presented the preliminary results of the University of Barcelona team’s research for the CityPoll project at the XXII AIL Meeting in Vigo 2024

Increasing urbanization has led to contaminants being washed into freshwater ecosystems through stormwater runoff. Additionally, prolonged dry periods and extreme weather events facilitate the mobilization of these pollutants. Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), such as green filters address these issues, but data on their effectiveness is limited. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a NBS plant in Viladecans (Barcelona) in purifying stormwater runoff. Preliminary results indicated that green filters effectively reduce dissolved organic carbon, nitrates, and metals such as lead and aluminium.

These findings underscore the potential of NBS in mitigating urban water pollution, highlighting the need for further research to optimize their implementation.

Itxaso Martinez-Sanz