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Last meeting of CityPoll members in Barcelona

On January 25th, members of the CityPoll Project gathered in Barcelona to discuss and update relevant information about the project.

Throughout the day, various updates were presented by the different member institutions to share progress on activities such as sampling designs, campaigns, laboratory and field experiments, sample analysis, preliminary results, and conclusions. These updates focused on the abundance and composition of runoff pollutants, as well as their impact on river biodiversity and functioning. Furthermore, plans were made to coordinate field experiments among project member institutions to enhance collaborative efforts and achieve common goals.

Significant emphasis was placed on interactions with regional authorities and municipal technicians. Discussions also covered follow-up tasks, including the preparation of a video documentary for dissemination and updates to the project’s website.

Finally, the planning for the next follow-up meeting in the Basque Country began, scheduled for the middle of the year 2024.

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