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Accurate and relevant information is important to communicate properly with the public.

You will find in this page news and information of interest about the project CityPoll that can be consulted at any time.

Teknopolis: Rainwater is Not So Clean

In a recent episode of the EITB (Basque Public Television) program “Teknopolis,” an important topic was discussed regarding the quality of rainwater. Often considered a natural and pure source, rainwater carries a variety of contaminants and particles from exposed surfaces such as roads, roofs, and gutters, which flow directly into rivers, potentially impacting river ecosystems.

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Analyzing the impact of multiple urban pollutants on algae and biofilm

Our colleagues at ICRA have been conducting experiments under controlled conditions to understand the impact of pollutants on algae and biofilm communities. In this particular study, a planktonic algae and benthic biofilm communities were exposed to acute concentrations of various urban pollutants present in urban runoff.

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Last meeting of CityPoll members in Barcelona

On January 25th, members of the CityPoll Project gathered in Barcelona to discuss and update relevant information about the project. Throughout the day, various updates were presented by the different member institutions.

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Blending science and sports

Last Saturday, January 13th, ICRA conducted an outreach activity during the basketball game between Bàsquet Girona and Zunder Palència. Throughout the event, we showcased some of ICRA’s ongoing projects and highlighted completed ones.

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