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The CityPoll project members convened in Barcelona

On June 2nd, all members of the CityPoll project (@ehustream, @biology_unibarcelona, and @icrawater) convened in Barcelona. This meeting served as an opportunity to discuss, debate, and exchange information, as well as to showcase their progress and outline the new goals to achieve for the project’s future.

Throughout the day, various updates were discussed, such as the creation of the project’s website and social media presence. They also shared the results of river samplings conducted to date, along with laboratory experiments carried out by the different institutions. These experiments aim to investigate and verify the effects of urban pollutants on river biodiversity.

Additionally, they took advantage of the occasion to coordinate rainwater sampling efforts, allowing for chemical analyses of contaminants and metals present in rainwater that flows through runoff from urban areas in Girona and the Basque Country.

Lastly, they talked about the future tasks to be prepared and organized collaboratively, including upcoming experiments and the creation of a documentary video about the project.