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Urban Rainfall Simulation Conducted by Donosti Firefighters and UPV/EHU Team

A collaboration between Donosti’s firefighters and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) team has successfully carried out an urban rainfall simulation. The purpose behind this partnership was to sample the water flowing through the city streets, with the aim of analyzing the contaminants it carries.

This sampling takes on particular significance within the framework of the CityPoll project, aimed at understanding the presence of contaminants in various urban areas, the quantity of these contaminants, and their impact on fluvial ecosystems. Furthermore, the project seeks to assess the potential consequences of these contaminants on the biodiversity of these ecosystems and their surrounding environments.

The contribution of Donosti’s firefighters allowed for the recreation of realistic urban rainfall conditions, thus facilitating the collection of essential data for the project. This collaboration underscores the importance of synergy between academia and local institutions in the quest for innovative solutions.