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Development of six integrated workpackages.

CityPoll will assess the extent of urban runoff impacts, evaluate the adequacy of existing Nature Based Solutions (NBS), and provide management and policy recommendations, through the development of six integrated workpackages.

Detailed studies on the hydrology and hydraulics, and quality of contaminants will be developed in two different city case studies (WP1 Hydrology). The nature of chemical contaminants and their prioritization will be tackled in WP2 Chemistry, and their ecotoxicological and ecological implications will be respectively assessed in WP3 Ecotoxicology and WP4 Ecology. Produced guidelines and predictions will be conveyed to municipal and regional managers, and transferred to policy makers, at the Spanish and European scales through WP5 Transfer and Dissemination. The management of the project will be organized through the WP6 Manage.

Will construct a unified strategy for the sampling design and instrumentation, data analysis, data management, and hydrological modelling in the two case studies. This WP will coordinate the timing, frequency, and data obtention in the case studies. WP1 will use the collected data to simulate (i) the transport of runoff and associated contaminants in the system made up by the urban drainage and (ii) to the receiving water body, by using models on hydraulics and hydrology tailored to the two urban-natural system.


Will advance existing knowledge and methods for screening and discovering chemical contaminants conveyed by urban runoffs by using advanced analytical techniques. Special attention will be paid to unravel poorly studied emerging contaminants by reporting the concentrations needed for their environmental risk assessment. WP2 will provide comprehensive screening data and identification of relevant sources aimed to broaden the database of urban runoff contaminants and fill in the knowledge gap on their potential relation with new materials in buildings and city infrastructures, as well as to other anthropogenic activities.


Will evaluate the ecotoxicological effects of urban runoff on individuals and communities in biofilms and invertebrates, using a set of biomarkers. Ecotoxicity will be evaluated on urban effluents as well as on prioritized contaminants, to provide a sensitive-based response for urban runoff.


Will evaluate the effects of urban runoff on the structure and functioning of the receiving ecosystems. Changes in biodiversity and in the ecological status will be evaluated and impacts at ecosystem level will be assessed by monitoring ecosystem functions.


Will provide science-based policy tools and recommendations addressing the environmental impact of urban runoff and its solutions. To produce dissemination of the main outputs of the project.


Will ensure effective coordination of individual projects and overall management encompassing all organizational and administrative tasks required for a successful project realization.


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