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Will advance existing knowledge and methods for screening and discovering chemical contaminants conveyed by urban runoffs by using advanced analytical techniques.

Special attention will be paid to unravel poorly studied emerging contaminants by reporting the concentrations needed for their environmental risk assessment. WP2 will provide comprehensive screening data and identification of relevant sources aimed to broaden the database of urban runoff contaminants and fill in the knowledge gap on their potential relation with new materials in buildings and city infrastructures, as well as to other anthropogenic activities.

WP2 aims at: 

  • Optimizing and validating analytical protocols for multiple contaminant classes related with urban runoffs in different matrices (aqueous, solid).
  • Providing enhanced comprehension on qualitative and quantitative composition of chemical contaminants in urban runoff and receiving water bodies including the identification of source-related fingerprints (relation to materials, infrastructures and anthropogenic activities in the studied cities).
  • Selecting reliable chemical markers and prioritize contaminants with high stormwater quality concern to be included in the risk assessment.
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